About Us  

Who we are and
why our Company?
We are you & Work for you
We Bargain on behalf of you
We buy for you Direct from the Source
Our income basic in your Profitability
We have the Market to sell your investment
Our Advantages
We are probably the only company in Cyprus which covers the client from A to Z offering a package solution. We are totally representing the client and we are acting, dealing and bargaining on behalf of the client for the purpose to achieve for the client the maximum profitability through an investment opportunity.

We have the experience since 2006 to buy and sell properties with a big success for our clients. Our services are given direct to the client with the purpose of getting the best deals with the lowest cost. We are not acting as real estate agents and we are not receiving any commissions or any other fees from the owners of the properties. Our mission is to deal on behalf of the client direct with the source that owns the property.

The owners of the properties are individuals, companies, banks or administrators that certify the minimum price. From our experience and knowledge we had learn that cooperating or involving with any other middle agent , we could never be in  position to earn the  highest profit  for our investors.

In the last 11 years we had manage to earn the trust of the local people, companies, private offices, banks, government offices and we had achieve to create strong relationships and connections with them. 

To make our mission successful we cooperate with well-known and expert Local Associates and we have representatives (Partners) in several countries.

Our income is proportional and depended on the profitability of our client through a signed letter of engagement and a signed confidential agreement between us and the investor.
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We Propose and Advise you a 3 year of an investment plan with a high return of investment plus a resident or permanent home.
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Buy your own home and live permanent or as a residence
in a Peaceful and Secure Mediterranean Island.
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